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Study the traditional Principles of Basic astrology in an easy and understandable way

Principles of Basic Astrology course

The Principles of Basic Astrology course is designed to introduce students to the fascinating world of astrology and astrology fundamentals, to provide them with the necessary knowledge in order for them to confidently pursue their studies in the other branches of astrology. The Principles of Basic Astrology course is based mainly on the traditional techniques that we have inherited from the astrologers of antiquity, but of course, the course refers to the principles that govern modern astrology, as well.

These astrology classes are aimed at beginner astrologers of all ages, who are taking their first steps in the exploration of astrology, but also at those who already have astrological knowledge and want to enrich it or deepen it further, especially with regard to the basic traditional astrological principles, which are essential whether one wants to engage either in modern or traditional astrology.

This course ensures that the students will follow the right path in studying astrology, without having to buy additional books to help them take their first steps. Apart from this, it is better to study astrology with a mentor, as astrology is essentially empirical. Therefore, the students will be taught, everything they need to know, and much more, in order for them to not only use and apply this knowledge to their daily lives, but also professionally, as these lessons will prepare them, offering the 'foundations' needed, for them to become successful professionals in the field of astrology.


The syllabus of the Principles of Basic Astrology lessons is the result of long-term study and research by Vasilios Takos and all the information offered is the result of long-term astrological experience. The lessons are written in a simple, easy and comprehensible way, so that the material can be effectively absorbed and thus fully meet each student’s educational needs. Rich diagrams and examples are included in the material, enhancing the students’ comprehension and accelerating the learning progress. To attend this course, students do not need to buy any accompanying book, as everything they might need is provided within the lessons.

It is a priority for me to maintain the highest possible quality in the course in terms of material, diagrams, presentations, graphics and sound, so that the students can take their first steps in the field of astrology, acquiring solid astrological ‘foundations’ through the lessons, in a complete and enjoyable way and successfully prepare for the other branches of astrology (Horary, Natal, Electional, Medical, Mundane, etc.).

In detail, the students will be taught:

  • Zodiac signs and their characteristics
  • Zodiac categories
  • The planets and their rulerships
  • The operation of the planets
  • Planetary dignities and debilities
  • Relationships of planets and signs
  • Aspects of planets
  • Aspect orbs
  • History of astrology
  • Horoscope casting
  • Horoscope structure
  • Horoscope interpretation
  • Horoscope houses
  • Lots calculations
  • Moon's Nodes
  • Eclipses

Teaching method of these astrology lessons

The lessons are pre-recorded and provided in the English language, utilising the most efficient way of teaching. The students can watch the videos and study the material (in PDF form) at their own pace, as there are no live online meetings. They have unlimited access time to the course portal, where the lessons are perfectly organised, easily accessible and easily adaptable to each individual student's schedule. The students can watch the pre-recorded lesson videos with the detailed information they offer, as many times as they wish. They can receive answers from Vasilios Takos, to any possible questions they might have, regarding, exclusively, the lesson material, after they submit their questions to the specific school forum.

Get to know your tutor

Astrology has always been Vasilios' passion from an early age. He has studied astrology in depth, conducting long-term research related to ancient Greek astrological texts (by Ptolemy, Dorotheus, Theophilus etc.), but also Persian and Arabic astrological texts (by Ibn Ezra, Māsh'āllāh, Abū Ma'shar et al.). He prefers to integrate and apply his astrological knowledge, methods and techniques, to his own daily life, firstly, and consequently to provide them to anyone who asks him for advice/session. His passion for astrology prompts him to constantly keep himself updated, keep studying, attend international astrological conferences and constantly expand his astrological knowledge.

Since February 2020 he is the official representative of the STA school (School of Traditional Astrology) in Greece, where he exclusively teaches the Practitioners Level Horary Course of the STA in Greek. Vasilios Takos is the author of the Principles of Basic Astrology and Master's Degree Certification in Natal Astrology courses, which he started teaching in May 2022.

He is a graduate of the following schools of astrology:

  • Highest honor graduate of Master’s Degree Certification Course by Noel Tyl
  • Hellenistic Astrology by Chris Brennan
  • Horary Practitioner of School of Traditional Astrology by Deborah Houlding
  • Horary DipH of School of Traditional Astrology by Deborah Houlding
  • Medical Practitioner of School of Traditional Astrology by Lee Lehman


The cost of the course is €350, a price that has been carefully set to be affordable and in keeping with the quality of the material offered. Students can start the course immediately after purchase.

The following payment methods are available for the purchase of this course:

1. Piraeus Bank, ΙΒΑΝ: GR3101722030005203100566113 (SWIFT-BIC: PIRBGRRAA), Beneficiary: Takos Vasilios. Note: additional bank charges are the sole responsibility of the customer.

2. Viva Wallet, ΙΒΑΝ: GR8970100000000795656326415 (SWIFT-BIC: VPAYGRAA), Beneficiary: Takos Vasilios. Note: additional bank charges are the sole responsibility of the customer.

3. Paypal:

4. Payment by card.

Astrology certification of the course

Once a student completes the specially designed Principles of Basic Astrology course, they will receive by mail, the accompanying astrology certification, which ensures that they have successfully completed the course and are ready and fully prepared to confidently and successfully proceed to the next levels of astrology.

If you are eager to learn the secrets of the sky in an easy, fast and very well organised way and start your journey to touch the stars, register now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any astrological software/application?
Attending this course does not require you to own or purchase a professional astrology software. Within the lessons, all the necessary information/solutions are given regarding the free casting of a horoscope.
Can I get a refund if I don't like the lessons?
No refunds are issued after you enrol in the Principles of Basic Astrology course. For more information please read the School Policy.
Problem accessing the online course portal. What can I do?
If you do not remember your username or password you can easily restore your access to the online course portal by resetting your password from the online course portal login page, by clicking on the ‘lost password’ button. Usually any access problem to the online course portal, where the courses are held, is solved by a simple reset. If the problem persists please contact me.
How long does it take to complete the course?
The course is designed in such a way that each student can study on their own pace, depending on their schedule. The average course time is about 3 months for someone who takes one lesson a week, although someone can finish taking all the lessons within a few days. What is suggested is to keep a steady pace, without short or long time intervals between lessons, as long intervals can disorganise a student, while short ones do not provide the required comprehension/learning/absorbing time.
I have questions during the course study. How can I get answers?
The course provides the opportunity for each student to submit their questions and receive answers from the tutor. It is a necessary condition that the questions concern exclusively the material of the lessons only. The tutor is not obliged to answer questions of a general astrological nature.
Will I receive a Certificate after completing the course?
Once a student completes the courses the tutor will be automatically notified and the Certificate of Completion of the Principles of Basic Astrology course will be mailed out to them, thus ensuring that they have acquired the necessary knowledge, for them to be able to continue their studies in the other branches of astrology.
Do I need to buy any books in order to take the courses?
To attend this course you do not need to buy any accompanying book, as everything you need is provided within the lessons.
What comes after the course?
Once a student graduates from the Principles of Basic Astrology course, they are ready to continue their studies in the next branches of astrology. The branch that is suggested for a student to follow, immediately after the knowledge obtained from the Principles of Basic Astrology course, is Horary Astrology and then the Master's Degree Certification in Natal Astrology course, available at

Terms & Conditions

A must read for those wishing to enroll in these astrology classes

1. The entire curriculum is conducted exclusively in the English language, with more than 110 pages of accompanying teaching material and over 6 hours of online pre-recorded lessons. The lessons are conducted by Vasilios Takos, who has the exclusive copyright of the specific material of the course in Greece and internationally. Excellent use and understanding of the English language is essential.

2. Each student should bear in mind that they will need to study approximately 2 hours to successfully respond to each lesson. The graduate certification is issued only to students who demonstrate studying and understanding of the material by successfully completing each lesson’s quiz. The school reserves the right to renew the course material and, by extension, the quizzes corresponding to the specific material, even during the students' studies.

3. The teaching material is provided in digital format (PDF) throughout the course, which can be stored on any computer, exclusively for the student's personal use. The school material, the quiz material, the answers (to the quizzes) material for each lesson and in general all the material used in the delivery of the school curriculum (texts, images, tables, charts, diagrams, illustrations, photographs, videos, the material provided in the electronic archives of questions, answers, quizzes, extra examples, presentation videos, both pre-recorded and/or live, if available, and generally any other element of the school, but also everything discussed in the context of online discussions/meetings and/or in the school forums), subject to all legal rights under copyright law, is strictly protected and provided for personal study only. None of the above may be reproduced anywhere, by any means or in any way, or referred to/posted on social media or circulated in general, in any way, type or form. The school's educational videos are not available for personal downloading and can only be accessed after a student connects to the secure website online course portal, where the lessons are held. Each graduate is permitted to continue to access these videos and any other material on the course portal for as long as the school deems it necessary to keep such material online. In conclusion, an inviolable condition of our policy regarding copyrights is the full acceptance of them.

4. The digital lesson material is suitable for all modern computers. Students are required to have a computer, as well as, constant internet access, as all courses are conducted on the school's website.

5. Enrolled students need to watch a 30-minute introductory video that shows how to navigate the school’s online course portal, access materials, and submit quizzes.

6. Access to the course is only possible upon payment of the full tuition fee as determined by the school. The school reserves the right to change the price of any of the courses, but without this affecting the already enrolled students.

7. In the unlikely event that the course curriculum is canceled or unavailable for an extended period of time (more than 2 weeks), the school will refund all course fees to students who enrolled during that (two week) period only, and have not yet graduated, but the school will not be held responsible for any additional costs incurred personally by the participants.

8. The school tutors are under no obligation to analyse astrological charts or to answer, in any way, any question of their students or clients that is not strictly related to the course material. They are, also, under no obligation to respond to questions from students who have graduated. The school tutor answer questions directly related to the subject matter of each lesson only.

9. The school reserves the right to delete a student and exclude them from the online course portal and course material, when they exhibit inappropriate behaviour, which negatively affects the smooth operation of the school, in any way, without the school having any legal obligation to issue a refund, as the student has already accessed course material.

10. Each student has the right to appeal the score of one or more tests at any time during their studies until graduation, in case they consider that they have been wronged. The school has an obligation to consider the student's appeal, and if deemed necessary, to review and redefine any grade accordingly. The school reserves the right to review and redetermine the score of one or more tests or a student's overall score within the aforementioned time period.

11. If a student pays the amount corresponding to the Principles of Basic Astrology course and then reconsider their decision to participate in the school's online courses, for any reason, they will not be issued any refund, as they have direct access to the course material immediately after purchase.

12. The school is committed to delivering the best possible packaging of graduation certificates, for their shipment. The school bears no responsibility for any incorrect data submitted by the students or damages that may be caused by third parties (courier, post office, etc.), during the process of transporting and delivering them to the receiving address stated by the student. In a case of incorrect information or a request for re-issuance for any other reason or damage by third parties, the cost of re-issuing and shipping (depending on the shipping fees, as defined by the competent transport services and the shipping method) of the certificate, will be paid exclusively by the student.

13. The school reserves the right to use, for advertising and marketing purposes, any evaluation/review/comment/post about Vasilios Takos, about the services he offers, and/or the astrology courses or his school in general, that may be posted on social media, on his Google Business Account Vasilios Takos, but also on any other website.

14. The school reserves the right to unilaterally modify or renew the present terms of its policy, requirements and proposals at any time it deems necessary. The user and/or student have the obligation to regularly visit and be kept informed and updated about the policy of the school and the terms of use. The use of the website and the entry to the online course portal, which is part of it, is evidence of tacit acceptance of the terms of use and the policy of the school.

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What did the students say about the school's courses and Vasilios Takos
  • Customer Testimonails

    Although I am a beginner in the world of astrology, I feel very lucky to have had Mr. Vasilios Tako in my first steps as he was by my side from the first moment with encouragement, support, understanding, patience, kindness. His good knowledge of his subject, his methodical and teaching style inspire confidence and trust in students! His ethos and love for his subject make him an excellent Astrology Teacher. Anyone lucky enough to take classes with him is sure to graduate with a wide range of knowledge and great confidence in hourly astrology! Master, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful journey into the world of hourly astrology!

    Anna E.
  • Customer Testimonails

    Excellent teacher with incredible knowledge. I wish I had met him earlier. The lessons with him are really a magical journey in the knowledge of astrology!

    Maria B.
  • Customer Testimonails

    Excellent professional Teacher and excellent Astrologer with endless knowledge, great fluency of speech, understanding, giving who transmits the love he has for what he does with an innovative training methodology, without verbiage fanfare and pointless waste of time and money. A man who respects his work and who from the first moment wins you over with his directness and makes you stand firmly on your feet treating you as an equal member with him in a team work and ending up with no gaps and questions and being knowledgeable sure of a brilliant career in the field of Horological Astrology. The best I could offer myself and I highly recommend him. This kind of astrological knowledge and teaching is something that was missing from our space! Congratulations!

    Dorothea K.
  • Customer Testimonails

    A big thank you to Vasilios Tako because beyond the deep knowledge he tries to impart, the methodical organization and structure of the lessons, what makes him special is his patience and persistence in understanding and applying technique and method in order to properly train the his disciples!

    Dora K.
  • Customer Testimonails

    Excellent, qualified and communicative teacher with particular contagiousness of his knowledge during teaching! Plenty of correct and important notes on the subject! Words are not enough to express my thanks to him!

    Renata F.
  • Customer Testimonails

    In the seven years of my involvement with astrology at an amateur level, I find that it is the only school that excels in organization and consistency in terms of operation on the one hand and providing high level knowledge in a concise time. Congratulations!!!!

    Erato D.