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Birth chart reading

Birth chart analysis, astrology reading and predictions

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Natal chart interpretation

Do you want to know what your astrological chart indicates, regarding your future? How will your relationships or your business develop? Will things be in you favor in the near future? Prepare for tomorrow and plan your life, better.

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The birth chart or personal horoscope is a snapshot of the planetary positions at the time of birth. This snapshot is a great tool with which we can describe one's temperament, skills and talents, but also accurately analyse the psychological patterns, with which a person reacts to various situations, relationships, work, etc.

This well-aimed description can help you better understand the situations around you, predict the duration of good or difficult times ahead and thus, better understand what you experience in your life. Planetary movements, perfectly reflect every phase you are in, at all times, and through the natal chart reading, in combination with various prognostic techniques, you can get the necessary help to better manage various aspects of your life, for the next year.

Some of the many things that a birth chart analysis can help us with, are predicting personal, sexual or professional relationships, setting personal goals, financial planning, favourable (or not) periods in a person’s life, education and career, inheritance and tax issues.

Some examples considered in an astrology chart reading, are the following:

  • Why isn't my relationship going well? What am I doing wrong;
  • When will I have a worthwhile relationship?
  • How's my business going?
  • Why is this period so difficult and what can I do about it?
  • Why do I feel so sad about my separation and when will it pass?
  • My relationship doesn't seem to be going well. What's wrong?
  • How will my finances be next year?
  • Will I be able to go to college?
  • Is there a favourable phase business plans, in the near future?
  • What should I focus on, in the coming months?

The duration of the session is 90 minutes and costs 175 euros. For the session, you need to know:

  • The date of birth.
  • The exact time of birth. It is helpful to mention how you know your time of birth. Most of the time we need to correct the time of birth, if it is known approximately, a procedure that can be done by phone or via email. However, I urge you to ask for a birth certificate or to check if you have the birth certificate, which states the time of birth.
  • The place of birth.

The astrology reading session usually takes place online via Zoom, where it can be recorded (free service) and sent to your email address after the end of the session. Otherwise, the session can take place via Skype, WhatsApp or Viber. The astrology reading booking will be considered valid, only after payment verification.

Thank you.

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Customer reviews

Excellent consultation with absolute professionalism and precision in every placement. I'm glad I had the chance to meet him. For all those interested in correct astrology, Mr. Takos is its best representative.

Michalis K.

An outstanding professional, human being and astrologer with deep knowledge of his subject. He can study the information globally with the aim of Truth and help to man! Mr. Tako you have earned my unlimited respect and appreciation! Thank you, Harry and I, from the bottom of our hearts!

Cyrina Α.

Excellent, professional, accurate. I definitely recommend him and definitely everyone needs at least one session with him.

Mr Gts

Clear, honest, informative and targeted with a great willingness to really engage with people! Many congratulations to K. Tako for his amazing work, his ethics and his professionalism!!! It fully met my expectations, really gave me what I needed and acted as a catalyst for me!!! Well done and a big thank you!! Keep up the good work!!!

Φαιη Ψ.

Communicative, reliable, noble and impeccable professional.


Mr Takos is unique and in just 1.5 hours he managed to unfold all the difficult parts of my personality and the best thing is that he also gave direction to solve them. Thank you and I wish we could meet sooner ....

Ελενη Τ.

I consider the meeting with Mr. Tako to be the most targeted, detailed and expensive thing that has happened to me.. Wow..!!!!!

Σταυρος Σ.

If you start classes or arrange a session with Vassilis you will meet a man with a lot of knowledge on his subject who aims to help in his own way. A man who does not stop daily to develop his knowledge, to enrich the material he offers to his students and the information he offers in his sessions. Give him a chance to get to know him and don't hesitate to ask him what's on your mind.

Γιαννης Κ.

excellent consultation, very interesting approach based on self-awareness and personality exploration

Κατερινα Φ.

Vasilios Takos is a man with deep knowledge and inexhaustible passion for the art of astrology. Totally consistent in his services and incredibly accurate in his predictions. Really impressive! Excellent teacher with great contagiousness, very demonstrative, makes everything look easy! After attending the introductory course, I am now looking forward to starting our hourly astrology lessons together.

Saly S.

Excellent, precise, noble! Excellent professional, it is obvious that he loves the item very much and that is why he stands out! I highly recommend him!

Dania Y.

Vasilios really belongs to that category of people who loves what he does. Precisely because he loves it, he deals to the core of the issues he is called to handle. Personally, I find him incredibly accurate in his predictions with excellent training and professionalism which makes him stands out and even with a difference. A test will convince even the most skeptical. I once belonged to them. Be well always.

Κωνσταντίνος Γ.

I could not be happier with Vasilios and our sessions, which go back in time. He is very well read in the subject with years of sincere and deep study to predict with accuracy. Apart from years of learning, he has many years of experience which makes his astrological education rock solid. Vasilios has a logical and analytical mind, a skill which helps him interpret a horoscope with great accuracy.

Kristina B.

Excellent job! Reliable and with deep subject knowledge. I would be very interested in attending the new hourly classes starting in February! I recommend him!

Γεώργιος Ν.

With a Plutonian precision, Vasilios has the talent to hone in on to important issues that otherwise may easily go unrecognized and remain misunderstood, hidden under the carpet of forgotten dreams. His astrological consultations are profound, clear and concise, always delivered with kindness and wisdom. It is apparent that many years of studies in combination with passion are the foundation of this very knowledgeable and compassionate astrologer. Highly recommended!

Caroline W.

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