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Horary Astrology is one of the oldest astrological systems and is based solely on the time a question is asked, and that’s how its name came about. The Horary chart, reliably captures the human urge to receive an answer to a question that really concerns a person.

Astrology and specifically Horary Astrology is considered to be the most reliable prediction system, as it is based on the exact positions of the planets at the time the question is asked.

A valid Horary question is one that really concerns the person, and for which an answer is definitely needed and it is not just an impulse stemming only from curiosity. The real interest of the individual plays a special role in the validity of the question, so that it can be answered reliably and in detail.

Horary Astrology can answer almost all questions that a person is REALLY interested in. Some questions, for example, may involve personal or business relationships, business issues or ventures, real estate purchases or sales or anything related to property acquisitions, job offers and financial issues, education issues, pets and more.

It is useful when a Horary question includes a specific time frame, such as: 'will I find a job by the end of the year / next month?'.

The most popular way to conduct Horary Questions is by email, after the question is received and is considered to be clear and ready to be answered. This way you can go back and re-read all the information that has been sent to you. The answers are as detailed as possible so as to fully cover each question. If some points of the answer are not understood, they can be clarified further by email.

  • How will my new relationship go?
  • Will my house be sold at a good price?
  • Will I get the job?
  • Is it a good time to choose a new career?
  • Will my relationship be good?
  • Should I buy this property?
  • How will my professional collaboration develop?
  • Will I receive my money?
  • Will I win the lawsuit?
  • Will I find my lost pet?
  • When will I recover?

The cost for each question is 80 euros and the answer is delivered to your email address, within 24 hours. The answer is as detailed as possible and answers the question you have asked clearly, explaining the evolution of things in a clear way.

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