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1. The entire curriculum is conducted exclusively in the English language, with more than 110 pages of accompanying teaching material and over 6 hours of online pre-recorded lessons. The lessons are conducted by Vasilios Takos, who has the exclusive copyright of the specific material of the course in Greece and internationally. Excellent use and understanding of the English language is essential.

2. Each student should bear in mind that they will need to study approximately 2 hours to successfully respond to each lesson. The graduate certification is issued only to students who demonstrate studying and understanding of the material by successfully completing each lesson’s quiz. The school reserves the right to renew the course material and, by extension, the quizzes corresponding to the specific material, even during the students' studies.

3. The teaching material is provided in digital format (PDF) throughout the course, which can be stored on any computer, exclusively for the student's personal use. The school material, the quiz material, the answers (to the quizzes) material for each lesson and in general all the material used in the delivery of the school curriculum (texts, images, tables, charts, diagrams, illustrations, photographs, videos, the material provided in the electronic archives of questions, answers, quizzes, extra examples, presentation videos, both pre-recorded and/or live, if available, and generally any other element of the school, but also everything discussed in the context of online discussions/meetings and/or in the school forums), subject to all legal rights under copyright law, is strictly protected and provided for personal study only. None of the above may be reproduced anywhere, by any means or in any way, or referred to/posted on social media or circulated in general, in any way, type or form. The school's educational videos are not available for personal downloading and can only be accessed after a student connects to the secure website online course portal, where the lessons are held. Each graduate is permitted to continue to access these videos and any other material on the course portal for as long as the school deems it necessary to keep such material online. In conclusion, an inviolable condition of our policy regarding copyrights is the full acceptance of them.

4. The digital lesson material is suitable for all modern computers. Students are required to have a computer, as well as, constant internet access, as all courses are conducted on the school's website.

5. Enrolled students need to watch a 30-minute introductory video that shows how to navigate the school’s online course portal, access materials, and submit quizzes.

6. Access to the course is only possible upon payment of the full tuition fee as determined by the school. The school reserves the right to change the price of any of the courses, but without this affecting the already enrolled students.

7. In the unlikely event that the course curriculum is canceled or unavailable for an extended period of time (more than 2 weeks), the school will refund all course fees to students who enrolled during that (two week) period only, and have not yet graduated, but the school will not be held responsible for any additional costs incurred personally by the participants.

8. The school tutors are under no obligation to analyse astrological charts or to answer, in any way, any question of their students or clients that is not strictly related to the course material. They are, also, under no obligation to respond to questions from students who have graduated. The school tutor answer questions directly related to the subject matter of each lesson only.

9. The school reserves the right to delete a student and exclude them from the online course portal and course material, when they exhibit inappropriate behaviour, which negatively affects the smooth operation of the school, in any way, without the school having any legal obligation to issue a refund, as the student has already accessed course material.

10. Each student has the right to appeal the score of one or more tests at any time during their studies until graduation, in case they consider that they have been wronged. The school has an obligation to consider the student's appeal, and if deemed necessary, to review and redefine any grade accordingly. The school reserves the right to review and redetermine the score of one or more tests or a student's overall score within the aforementioned time period.

11. If a student pays the amount corresponding to the Principles of Basic Astrology course and then reconsider their decision to participate in the school's online courses, for any reason, they will not be issued any refund, as they have direct access to the course material immediately after purchase.

12. The school is committed to delivering the best possible packaging of graduation certificates, for their shipment. The school bears no responsibility for any incorrect data submitted by the students or damages that may be caused by third parties (courier, post office, etc.), during the process of transporting and delivering them to the receiving address stated by the student. In a case of incorrect information or a request for re-issuance for any other reason or damage by third parties, the cost of re-issuing and shipping (depending on the shipping fees, as defined by the competent transport services and the shipping method) of the certificate, will be paid exclusively by the student.

13. The school reserves the right to use, for advertising and marketing purposes, any evaluation/review/comment/post about Vasilios Takos, about the services he offers, and/or the astrology courses or his school in general, that may be posted on social media, on his Google Business Account Vasilios Takos, but also on any other website.

14. The school reserves the right to unilaterally modify or renew the present terms of its policy, requirements and proposals at any time it deems necessary. The user and/or student have the obligation to regularly visit and be kept informed and updated about the policy of the school and the terms of use. The use of the website and the entry to the online course portal, which is part of it, is evidence of tacit acceptance of the terms of use and the policy of the school.