Astrological Services

Answers to questions with Horary Astrology

Horary Astrology is considered to be the most reliable prediction system, as it is based on the exact positions of the planets at the time the question is asked. Horary Astrology can answer almost all questions that come out of real and valid interest and not simple out of curiosity. Some of these, for example, involve personal or business relationships, business issues or ventures, real estate purchases or sales or anything related to property acquisitions, job offers and financial issues, education issues, pets and more.

Astrological Consultation

The natal astrological chart or personal horoscope is a snapshot of the planetary positions at the time of one’s birth. Some of the many things that a birth chart analysis can help us with, are predicting personal, sexual or professional relationships, setting personal goals, financial planning, favourable (or not) periods in one’s life, education and career, inheritance and tax issues.

Natal Horoscope Analysis + Horary Question

Analysing a birth chart, can help you with predictions for personal issues, business concerns, or help you set personal goals. This package is combined with a Horary question on the issue that concerns you the most and you will receive an immediate answer combined with the analysis of your horoscope. The Horary question can answer almost all the questions about issues that truly concern you.

Synastry of two Horoscopes

In the Synastry, 2 different charts are compared to check the compatibility of the two individuals. Synastry is ideal for both personal and professional relationships. During the session, the two natal charts are analysed and then both horoscopes are combined/compared. Synastry can interpret the compatibility points in the relationship, what problems may arise and how they can be overcome.