Principles of Basic Astrology

Study the traditional Principles of Basic Astrology in an easy and comprehensible way and touch the stars!
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Astrology courses, birth chart reading and astrology reading

Principles of Basic Astrology Course

astrology courses, astrology school, birth chart reading

astrology courses, astrology school, birth chart reading

Online Astrology School

Online Astrology Course

Principles of Basic Astrology course

Do you want to study astrology in an easy and comprehensible way? Do you want to study both modern and traditional astrology? A course for both beginners and professionals who want to delve into the traditional principles of astrology.

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The Principles of Basic Astrology course is designed to introduce students to the fascinating world of astrology and astrology fundamentals, to provide them with the necessary knowledge in order for them to confidently pursue their studies in the other branches of astrology. The Principles of Basic Astrology course is based mainly on the traditional techniques that we have inherited from the astrologers of antiquity, but of course, the course refers to the principles that govern modern astrology, as well.

The course is aimed at beginners of all ages, who are taking their first steps in the exploration of astrology, but also at those who already have astrological knowledge and want to enrich it or deepen it further, especially with regard to the basic traditional astrological principles, which are essential whether one wants to engage either in modern or traditional astrology.

This course ensures that the students will follow the right path in studying astrology and will be taught, everything they need to know, and much more, in order for them to not only use and apply this knowledge to their daily lives, but also professionally, as these lessons will prepare them, offering the 'foundations' needed, for them to become successful professionals in the field of astrology.

The syllabus of the Principles of Basic Astrology lessons is the result of long-term study and research by Vasilios Takos and all the information offered is the result of long-term astrological experience. The lessons are written in a simple, easy and comprehensible way, so that the material can be effectively absorbed and thus fully meet each student’s educational needs. Rich diagrams and examples are included in the material, enhancing the students’ comprehension and accelerating the learning progress. To attend this course, students do not need to buy any accompanying book, as everything they might need is provided within the lessons.

The lessons are pre-recorded and provided in the English language, utilising the most efficient way of teaching. The students can watch the videos and study the material (in PDF form) at their own pace, as there are no live online meetings. They have unlimited access time to the course portal, where the lessons are perfectly organised, easily accessible and easily adaptable to each individual student's schedule. The students can watch the pre-recorded lesson videos with the detailed information they offer, as many times as they wish. They can receive answers from Vasilios Takos, to any possible questions they might have, regarding, exclusively, the lesson material, after they submit their questions to the specific school forum.

Once a student completes the specially designed Principles of Basic Astrology courses, they will receive by mail, the accompanying certification, which ensures that they have successfully completed the course and are ready and fully prepared to confidently and successfully proceed to the next levels of astrology.

If you are eager to learn the secrets of the sky in an easy, fast and very well organised way and start your journey to touch the stars, register now!

Birth chart reading & Horary Question

horary astrology, horary question

Birth chart reading & Horary Question

Astrology services: Natal chart interpretation & horary astrology

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Do you have a dilemma and you want an answer? You don't know what to do and need guidance? Use horary astrology to receive a valid and detailed answer to a question that concerns you, by email.

The answer will be sent to your email address within 24 hours. The answer will be as clear and detailed as possible, explaining the development of things, regarding the specific question you have asked.

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Birth chart reading


Duration: 90 minutes

Do you want to know what your astrological chart indicates, regarding your future? How will your relationships or your business develop? Will things be in you favor in the near future? Prepare for tomorrow and plan your life, better.

Some of the many things that an astrology reading can help us with, are predicting personal, sexual or professional relationships, setting personal goals, financial planning, showing favorable (or not) periods in a person’s life, education and career matters, inheritance and tax issues.

Most Popular

Birth chart reading + 1 horary question


Duration: 90 minutes

Do you want to discover your birth chart secrets, along with the analysis of a question about a specific issue that concerns you? How will your relationship develop? When will there be a favorable time for your business and finances?

This package combines a birth chart reading with one Horary question about an issue that concerns you the most. This can help us address that issue, get as much detailed information as possible and thus, having the best possible outcome.

Check your compatibility with another person

Synastry charts


Duration: 60 minutes

Do you want to check your compatibility with another person? Would you like to know if you two are compatible and if your relationship will have a future? Will your business cooperation/partnership with someone be beneficial for you? Do you want to compare your horoscope with someone else's horoscope to see how compatible you are? Synastry offers the solution!

Synastry examines the course of a relationship as a separate entity, so it can show us its course through time and the periods in which the relationship may be challenged.

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Customer / Student Reviews

What they said about Vasilios Takos' courses and services

With a lot of love for his subject and incredible contagiousness, Mr. Takos has been an excellent teacher of Horary Astrology for me.

Βενετία Α.

Very good experience. I recommend the school to those who are interested in Oriaia either professionally or as an amateur. It is addressed to everyone.

Μαρία Σ.

Vasilios Takos is a charismatic teacher who worthily represents the STA School in Greece, an incredibly remarkable person!

Marianna Κ.

Although I am a beginner in the world of astrology, I feel very lucky to have had Mr. Vasilios Tako in my first steps as he was by my side from the first moment with encouragement, support, understanding, patience, kindness. His good knowledge of his subject, his methodical and teaching style inspire confidence and trust in students! His ethos and love for his subject make him an excellent Astrology Teacher. Anyone lucky enough to take classes with him is sure to graduate with a wide range of knowledge and great confidence in horary astrology! Master, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful journey into the world of horary astrology!

Άννα Ε.

Vassilis Takos is a charismatic teacher, with a truly impressive knowledge of the subject. He has not simply studied the literature of Oria, in many cases he proved that he also did personal research, translating and analyzing the ancient texts. The department is small and you basically have the feeling of being special, with personal participation in each course. Apart from the theoretical part, which is supported by a large amount of material to be studied (always with references to the bibliography), in each lesson the students analyzed and essentially answered the lesson with great precision and detail. The structure of the courses is excellent, "building" knowledge methodically from one course to the next until its completion. The courses are demanding, they require study and are the most ideal choice for those who really want, after finishing the program, to read horary with enough confidence. I highly recommend the courses!

Rita B.

An excellent teacher with incredible knowledge. I wish I had met him earlier. The lessons with him are truly a magical journey in the knowledge of astrology!

Μαρία Β.

I've been looking for a long time to find a school to learn professional astrology. The STA school exceeded all my expectations. The curriculum is passable and Mr. Takos, professor of our school, guides you without being bound by time, in an intelligent way and with patience in learning this wonderful way of forecasting. Thank you!!!

Φωτεινή Α.

Vassilis is an excellent teacher, with a very good and deep knowledge of the subject of astrology and expertise in Oriaia, which he transmits and teaches with unstinting patience, passion and love. The main difference from other teachers is that it addresses each student as a unique entity and according to their level of knowledge. So even though I am one of the most "inexperienced" in the group, I was not behind neither in understanding nor in learning. Equally, Vassilis provided me with clarifications and astrology information that did not pertain to Oriaia's lessons. I highly recommend both the School and the Teacher!

Maria S.

Vassilis Takos is the best guide in the beautiful journey of Astrology!!!

Ελένη Σ.

In the seven years of my involvement with astrology at an amateur level, I find that it is the only school that excels in organization and consistency in terms of operation on the one hand and providing high-level knowledge in a concise time. Warm congratulations!!!!

Ερατώ Δ.

A big thank you to Vasilios Tako because beyond the deep knowledge he tries to impart, the methodical organization and structure of the lessons, what makes him special is his patience and persistence in understanding and applying technique and method in order to properly train the his students! Sincerely, Dora Kyrkos

Δώρα Κ.

Excellent professional Teacher and excellent Astrologer with endless knowledge, great fluency of speech, understanding, giving who transmits the love he has for what he does with an innovative training methodology, without verbiage fanfare and pointless waste of time and money. A man who respects his work and who from the first moment wins you over with his directness and makes you stand firmly on your feet treating you as an equal member with him in a team work and ending up with no gaps and questions and being knowledgeable sure of a brilliant career in the field of Horological Astrology. The best I could offer myself and I highly recommend him. This kind of astrological knowledge and teaching is something that was missing from our space! Congratulations!

Δωροθέα Κ.

I would like to sincerely thank Vasilios Tako for the introduction to Horary Astrology during the five-month course. It was a special experience, absolutely positive from all points of view. Vassilis stands out for his professionalism, his contagiousness and in general the passion with which he approaches teaching. His knowledge of ancient Greek Writing is impressive, the organization, presentation and aesthetics of the course material are impeccable. With seriousness, courtesy and respect towards his students, always supportive and encouraging and with a constant concern for the improvement of his work. Congratulations Santa!!!

Chrissoula T.

Excellent, qualified and communicative teacher with particular contagiousness of his knowledge during teaching! Plenty of correct and important notes on the subject! Words are not enough to express my thanks to him!

Ρενάτα Φ.

Methodical, organized, with excellent knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for his work. Patient and helpful, all these I think make up an amazing professor. With very well organized notes and material he helped us indulge in the lesson. The course was a real journey. We look forward to participating in his next seminar!

Άρια Δ.

Having experience from many astrology teachers, I can say that Mr. Takos was an unexpectedly, very pleasant surprise for me! Methodical, highly qualified, with an appetite and love for astrology and Horology in particular, kind and always supportive! I recommend him, with closed eyes, to those who want to deal with the knowledge of Oriaia! Also, another asset, is the structure of the course material of the STA school it represents, which is very rich and guides you, with safe steps in its practical application! A big thank you for all the generous knowledge!

Βασιλική Μ.

Excellent job! Reliable and with deep subject knowledge. I would be very interested in attending the new horary classes starting in February! I recommend him!

Γεώργιος Ν.

Vasilios Takos is a man with deep knowledge and inexhaustible passion for the art of astrology. Totally consistent in his services and incredibly accurate in his predictions. Really impressive! Excellent teacher with great contagiousness, very demonstrative, makes everything look easy! After attending the introductory course, I am now looking forward to starting our horary astrology lessons together.

Saly S.

I have been looking for a long time to find a school to learn astrology professionally. The STA school exceeded all my expectations. The curriculum is passable and Mr. Takos, the professor of our school, guides you without being bound by time, in an intelligent way and patience in learning this wonderful way of forecasting Thank you !!!

f ap.

I want to publicly thank the teacher V. Tako for the perseverance, which showed us to learn... he has knowledge, methodical, understanding, patience and many perfect details of a professional in his kind... 10'

Mandi K.

Many congratulations first to STA and then to K. Tako for his contagiousness, his professionalism, his interest and his support towards all his students and especially to me who had no previous knowledge of astrology! Everything was perfectly understandable, organized and structured! I am very grateful and happy for this exciting journey!!! Congratulations again to K. Tako! Good career to him and all his students!!!

Σίμος Σ.

I met Vasileio Tako in a random wandering on the Internet, looking for Horary Astrology courses. I trusted him without knowing him and not only did I not regret it, on the contrary I am excited because I had the luck and honor to be his student. Dedicated and excellent connoisseur of Oriaia, an impeccable teacher, methodical, analytical, approached us with kindness and patience and generously shared his knowledge and his passion for horary astrology. I consider that he is a worthy representative of the English school STA in our country. Warm congratulations !!! my turn to say. Thank you Master. Cheers!!!

Αλεξάνδρα Ο.

I have studied with many teachers but nobody was quite the teacher I was looking for. Vasilios Takos is exactly that teacher. Very well-read and devoted to his field of expertise, Horary Astrology. STA itself is very well organized, with the course having a structure that helps the student delve into the great world of traditional astrology without having 'gaps' in their learning experience. I particularly loved the fact that we have lots of case studies to examine and a test after every session/module. Vasilios has been always encouraging, friendly and helpful any time. He truly knows his stuff, having a vast knowledge in traditional sources. Last but not least, he is a teacher who is always there for you to guide you, praise you and evaluate your work with kindness. I'm truly grateful for having this great journey into horary astrology with such a teacher.

Anastasia D.

If you start classes or arrange a session with Vassilis you will meet a man with a lot of knowledge on his subject who aims to help in his own way. A man who does not stop daily to develop his knowledge, to enrich the material he offers to his students and the information he offers in his sessions. Give him a chance to get to know him and don't hesitate to ask him what's on your mind.

Γιάννης Κ.

Vasilios' videos piqued my interest. It is easy to understand what he says, he is very direct himself and seems to know the subject of astrology very well. I request various videos with astrological content and I confess that Vasilios' channel is one of the best!!! I am seriously considering doing the horary astrology classes with him!!!

Χαρούλα Κ.

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